Welcome to Beauty & the Bee.

Beauty & the Bee officially began in the late summer of 2013. Although the inspiration for the skincare line started long before that.  You see Erika, the artisan skin care developer behind Beauty & the Bee, grew up on a beekeeping farm. You may even have some of her families Dutchman's Gold Honey in your cupboard.

Her mother Annie Van Alten, of Annie's Apitherapy  dabbled in batches over the stove: honey fudge, honey baked granola, honey baked fresh bread and finally created what is now acutely famous "All  Natural Skin Cream" (formally beeswax skin cream).  Before Annie left Dutchman's Gold and Annie's Apitherapy to retire she taught her prized formula to Erika.

In 2009 when Erika took over running the bustling farm gate honey shop  and making her mother's cream she wasn't sure if she wanted to become a honey bee health practitioner (or apitherapist) or something more. That cream was the key that turned into the 'something more'. Reading books and taking several workshops Erika began to dream about all the wonderful skincare products she could make using natural ingredients and add beneficial honey bee products to enhance their effects.

Erika knew her mom's cream was great and it was pretty much the only cream she ever needed or had on hand. Her customers  who use the beeswax cream, love it and rave about it being a cream they wish they found long ago. More often her customers were also searching for more natural skincare products and they liked what the bee products did to better their health as well as their skin.

After taking a year off in 2012/2013 to look after her first born daughter the path was clear that when Erika returned to Dutchman's Gold she would develop an entire all natural skin care line and call it Beauty & the Bee.

Erika Van Stowski