Thanks for using our all natural products that are free of harmful preservatives! Here are a few tips for preservation of your Natural Skin Care Product:


Store in a cool place when not using you creams or soaps (especially if you purchased extra).


Use clean hands when applying your creams.


Keep your lids and caps tightly on the jar or tube after use.


Use before the expiration; since there are no chemical preservatives in the creams they won't last forever like you may be use to with other commercial products. Sometime one product will last longer then expected expiry and this depends on the oils and the bee products it contains. To some of the products I've added grapefruit seed extract to extend the shelf life by a few extra months. Sometimes beeswax, honey, propolis, and natural borax mineral will prolong product life. In any case the general purpose of the product will remain true even if the oil has taken a turn.